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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Products

  • High efficiency
  • Long-term stability
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Low emission & relative low cost

A Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) consists of three major components: two porous electrodes (cathode and anode) separated by a solid oxygen ion (O2–) conducting electrolyte. At the cathode, O2 (from air) is reduced and the resulting O2– ions are transported through the electrolyte lattice to the anode where they react with gaseous fuel, yielding heat, H2O, and (in the case of hydrocarbon fuels) CO2, and releasing e– to the external circuit.

Multiple cells are combined in series via interconnects that provide both electrical contacts and gas channels between individual cells. The resulting “stacks” are then arranged in series and parallel configurations to provide desired voltage and power outputs from portable power and transportation applications, to distributed generation and large-scale power generation, in both civilian and military sectors.

Among the technologies available to convert hydrocarbon-based resources (which include not only fossil fuels but also, potentially, biomass and municipal solid waste) to electricity, SOFCs are unique in their potential efficiency. For stand-alone applications, SOFC chemical to electrical efficiency is 45 to 65%, based on the lower heating value (LHV) of the fuel, which is twice that of an internal combustion (IC) engine’s ability to convert chemical energy to mechanical work. In a combined cycle, there are numerous combined heat and power (CHP) applications using SOFC systems, which have the potential to achieve efficiencies of >85% LHV. Science 334 (6058), 935-939

The electrolyte is a solid ceramic material, and the anode and cathode are made from special powders that sandwiched the electrolyte. Unlike other types of fuel cells, no precious metals, corrosive acids, or molten materials are required. The following are our SOFC products (but not limited to):

Cathode/anode powders Electrolyte powders/sheets Cells & stacks Inks & slurries
LSM, LSCF, LSC CGO, YSZ, SSZ Electrolyte- or Anode-supported cells Anode and anode current collector ink
Specialized for plasma 8YSZ, SSZ ASC stack modules Cathode and cathode current collector ink
NiO GDC Stack testing hotbox, steel interconnects, sealing materials, etc. Anode support slurry, electrolyte slurry, etc.

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