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Point-of-enforcement Testing Devices (POETDs)

  • Rapid
  • Accurate
  • Sensitive
  • Portable

Point-of-care testing (POCT) is defined as medical diagnostic testing at or near the point of care—that is, at the time and place of patient care. POCT is often accomplished through the use of transportable, portable, and handheld instruments and test kits. Small bench analyzers or fixed equipment can also be used when a handheld device is not available—the goal is to collect the specimen and obtain the results in a very short period of time at or near the location of the patient so that the treatment plan can be adjusted as necessary before the patient leaves.

Likewise, point-of-enforcement testing (POET) is to bring the test conveniently and immediately to the enforcement officer. For instance, a PECT can be used for on-site drug driving testing, or drive under influence (DUL) testing. These commercially available on-site drug screening devices are often immunoassay-based, and require no sophisticated instrumentation, and do not require a permanent laboratory or extensively trained personnel.

A portable POET device is available to rapidly test (c.a.10min) drugs (opiates, ketamine, cocaine, etc.), poisons (tetramine, mycotoxins, etc.), organic explosives (TNT, TATP, etc.), and plant diseases. Urine, saliva, blood, hair or other biological materials are accepted as testing samples. This device is immunoassay-based and of high accuracy and sensitivity.

The system consists of a series of Time-Resolved Fluorescence Detector, Quantitative Strip and Database Management Software. Time-resolved fluorescence nanoparticles were used as marker carriers and signal output units, and specific drug toxicant antibodies were used as identification units. The detector reads the fluorescence signal on the quantitative strip. When the sample contains the target poison or drug, the fluorescence signal will increases with the concentration. The relation between concentration and signal is used to establish standard curve for accurate quantification. Target analysts include:

Drugs Poisons Organic Explosives Plant Diseases
Ampletamines Teramine INT Granville wilt
Opiates, ketamine mycotoxins TATP Black shank
cocaine, hemp, etc Alatoxin B1, M1 others Wild fir and brown spt, etc.

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