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Customized Product Development (CPD)

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If customized product development (CPD) is perceived as developing products that fulfill the customers individual requirements and in parallel reflect production constraints, such as manufacturing capabilities, a direct demand can be derived for solutions to adapt a given design easy and fast to new requirements based upon the companies production knowledge - at best in an automated way.

Even though customers increasingly participate in CPD, many of them find it difficult to express needs or ideas that differ from those of manufacturers. In order to extract customer needs, developers create often several prototypes or variants to allow customers a concrete evaluation. In this context, knowledge based engineering (KBE) is providing the enabling technology to create fast and easy design variants and configurations respectively. Procedia CIRP 21 (2014) 99 – 104

If you have an idea or a goal, then our CPD will help you to make your idea become a product or to achieve your goal. Our best KBE will guild us to design the product for you to meet your requirements.

Apart from time savings a KBE solution can enable a broader variety of detailed design studies of a given master-concept by usage of a rule-based approach for an automated detailing and examination of design variants and in consequence extensively support the optimization of a given (mechanical) design against defined constraints and requirements (this incl. of course user requirements). KBE as an enabler for easy and fast examination of design variants can be seen as an enabler for CPD, because it enables differentiation in product variety, i.e. customization. Procedia CIRP 21 (2014) 99 – 104. Some example of CPD are (but not limited to):

Electrochemistry Bio-sensing or POCT Biomedical Engineering Green & smart Energy
Special electrodes antibodies & immunoassay bioimaging constrast agent development SOFCs
(photo)electrochemical catalyst fluorescence probes & labeling opetical or ultrasound instrumentation biofuels
remediation materials testing kits & portable devices drug-delivery agents development solar cells

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